I know I’m seriously past due on my final post to conclude the series. I’ve just been swamped. But here is a poem I wrote to keep you satiated until I can finally get ‘er done.


Don’t tread near my winsome wreckage,

The flames, they lick at my skin.

I’m now accustomed to bondage,

The consequence of my sin.

Don’t be deceived by warmth and light,

Too close and I’ll consume you.

Thick lava drips from lips I bite

To fight from inviting you.

Don’t breathe in this sweet perfume,

It’s merely my flesh burning.

Seeing my fanning fiery plume,

Banish your eager yearning.

None can reach my internal depths,

Run! A coming combustion,

I feel building tension

In my tired engine

(Your eyes again…)