This is my blog spot, the place where I come to be pure, unadulterated Sarah. This is the heart I wear proudly upon my sleeve. I’m a Catholic, nearly-annulled-mom of two absolutely wonderful children (Dominic-7, and Siena-5). I try to live a Christian life to the best of my ability. Most days I fail miserably, but I’ve realized the key to life is getting back up after you fall because we all fall, and often. After all, the just man falls seven times a day. I don’t pretend to be some super holy person, but I do try to be one. As C.S Lewis says, we are constantly in the process of becoming either “heavenly creatures” or “hellish creatures” and helping others to achieve the same. There is no static life, no plateau. I guess you could say we are all walking up an escalator that’s going down. If you exert little to no effort, there’s only one place you’re headed. There’s no rest until we rest in Him when we reach the top.

My only hope in starting this blog is that through sharing myself, I may give someone new insight or perspective. Some people think I’m a little crazy sometimes, but I would rather be crazily truthful than sanely deceitful. Humanity just isn’t even keel, and anyone who pretends to have it all together is living a facade.

We are all a little insane, and the most insane are those who self-proclaim to be sane. I’m not speaking of mental illness either, more of a moral illness. What am I talking about? Sanity lies within Truth, aka Jesus, not simply within our reason. Although, reason is a stepping stone to sanity, many stop there and persist in their insanity. Not to see God in everything is not to see the world as it truly is.

“Sanity, remember, does not mean living in the same world as everyone else; it means living in the real world.”

Theology and Sanity by Frank Sheed

Aside from that, I’m pursuing my BA online at Holy Apostles College, double-majoring in Theology and English. I hope to graduate in the Spring of 2016, after which I plan on seeking employment as a teacher.

** All poetry and blog posts on this blog are my original creative work, unless stated otherwise. Please share responsibly by linking to my blog 🙂


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  1. Keep it up! I fall at least ten times a day. I get back up, knock the dust off and ride on. Being Catholic is great and we have such an Awesome faith that is too often misunderstood. Let us be the light to show others the truth.

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