Everyone’s a Bit Knotty

Finally getting back into writing. Please read my latest post published at Dead Philosophers Society and Catholic Exchange…

“I don’t think it accidental that this image of Mary’s fingers passing from knot to knot in our lives is similar to how our fingers pass from bead to bead in meditating on the life of Christ in the mysteries of the Rosary. Mary’s hands are waiting to give your strained fingers a rest.” (Read More Here)


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Bit Knotty

  1. I very much appreciated your insight into the “Mary Undoer of knots” devotion. The portrait itself speaks volume (atleast to me). I had previously heard/read that this Novena was used for marriages or couples struggling in a relationship but was pleasantly surprised to read your interpretation and explanation of this powerful – beautiful resource we all have been Blessed with. I too am an annulled single father and use all the tools and resources our Heavenly Father provides. Thank you again for your enlightening interpretation and I look forward to reading more of your “work”.

    • I’m glad to hear you appreciate my perspective 🙂 And well, the biggest knots in people’s lives today do seem to revolve around marriage and family life, so it’s not surprising it has been propagated for that purpose. It is a truly beautiful devotion, and like so many resources available in the Church, it’s incredibly versatile in the ways in which it can make our lives better. Thanks for reading, and God bless you and your children! It’s not an easy path to tread, but it’s a grace-filled one!

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