Epistemology Annotated Bibliography

Why Wonder Begets Wisdom

Wonder that arises from the everyday world in which we live is what leads man to dispel his assumptions so as to be receptive to the impression of the wholeness of reality upon his mind. While the initial cause of this shock of wonder is doubt, it is a fruitful and hopeful one which allows us to know that we do not know so that we may seek to truly know. Therefore, this wonder makes us aware of the mystery of being, which not only is the beginning of philosophy but also the motor behind man’s pursuit of knowledge–not for utilitarian ends, but for its own sake.

Annotated Bibliography

  • Kenneth T. Gallagher. The Philosophy of Knowledge. (New York: Fordham University Press, 1982).
    • Gallagher opens his book with a treatise on wonder as the basis for Philosophy and how it establishes doubt not to lead to skepticism but to lead onto further investigation in order to pursue knowledge
  • C.S. Lewis. The Weight of Glory. (New York: HarperOne, 1980).
    • Lewis demonstrates this very wonder that can be inspired within by the everyday environment, which then leads us onto transcendent truths
  • Josef Pieper. Leisure: The Basis of Culture/The Philosophical Act. (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1963).
    • Pieper establishes that active Leisure is a vital escape from the prevailing utilitarian ideology which impoverishes man spiritually and kills philosophy. He also proposes that wonder is the foundation for all philosophical inquiry.
  • Frank Sheed. Theology and Sanity. (London: Catholic Way Publishing, 2014).
    • Sheed delves into the ways in which we come to know, expounding upon the nature of mystery, which is in fact intimately linked with the nature of wonder.

2 thoughts on “Epistemology Annotated Bibliography

  1. This is extremely thought provoking. I enjoyed reading it very much. I have never thought about there being something behind, “man’s pursuit for knowledge.” I like that thought. Good job and thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR

    • Thank you 🙂 this is for a multimedia presentation I am doing for an online Epistemology course. I am actually required to post it to my WordPress blog haha. I thought it was a fascinating topic too. Thanks for reading. And God bless!

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